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Don't Miss the 2023 EMARIS Conference

Over three days of presentation and discussion, meeting participants will share their achievements and challenges, present their best practices and showcase their latest research findings across nine themes: epidemiological surveillance, virological surveillance, disease burden estimation, respiratory disease outbreak investigation, vaccine policy and program, including hesitancy, data, coverage, effectiveness etc., biosafety and biosecurity, the human-animal interface, respiratory disease epidemic and pandemic preparedness, risk communication and community engagement.
The Latest

Hear firsthand the latest research findings, scientific news, and trends in the field.


Connect, get inspired and discuss the field with the leading experts in the region.

Networking Opportunities

Boost your professional network and exchange ideas with the best in the field.


Let your voice be heard and get noticed at EMARIS 2023 Conference.


Participate in various practical workshops to improve your skills.


Muscat, the capital of Oman is a must-visit destination in the region.

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