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6th Meeting of the Eastern Mediterranean Acute Respiratory Infection Surveillance (EMARIS) Network

3rd Scientific Conference on Acute Respiratory Infections in the Eastern Mediterranean Region

13-15 March 2023 | Muscat, Oman

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Reinforcing preparedness, detection, and response to respiratory diseases in the Eastern Mediterranean Region

Join the conference where researchers from the region gather to share best practices for influenza and other emerging respiratory diseases surveillance, to track progress, and to draw important lessons on public health preparedness for pandemic influenza. The conference also includes sharing scientific discoveries, experiences, data, and ideas about acute respiratory infections (ARI) surveillance to improve the sustainability and impact of EMARIS making its works more impactful in the EMR.

Throughout the conference, the participants will also be able to participate in parallel workshops that range from outbreak investigation techniques to academic writing skills. This will allow the conference to contribute to improving the research capacity and knowledge sharing in the region.


Speakers Highlights

Dr. Ahmed Al-Mandhari

Regional Director of WHO Eastern Mediterranean Regional Office

Dr. Richard Brennan

Regional Emergency Director of WHO Eastern Mediterranean Regional Office

Conference objectives

Review the achievements and challenges faced by the countries for strengthening surveillance and response capacities for seasonal and pandemic influenza in the Eastern Mediterranean Region, taking into consideration COVID 19 lessons learnt.

Share evidence and best practices emerging from the Region on how the SARI/ILI surveillance data can be used for severity assessment and outbreak detection during a normal influenza season and during a pandemic of influenza and other emerging respiratory diseases pandemic.

Discuss how the surveillance data generated from the surveillance of influenza and other respiratory diseases can be translated to develop policies and programmes for influenza prevention and control.

Document and showcase scientific achievements and new operational research findings coming out of countries for prevention, detection, and response to seasonal, novel and other emerging respiratory viruses.

Get Ready For Muscat

Muscat has a character quite distinct from neighboring capitals, it is an attractive, whimsically uniform city that retains the elegance observed by early travelers. It offers a warm sense of Omani hospitality and an opportunity to connect with the country's rich heritage. Wedged between mountains and ocean, with old forts and excellent museums, an opera house and flower-filled parks, the gentle city of Muscat is a delight to visit

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